Wishing For Christmas Audition Notice

Wishing For Christmas Audition Notice

Our annual children & teens production WISHING FOR CHRISTMAS will be auditioning on 26 March.

LEADS: Need male and female leads to audition, must be able to sing and have energy, although not all leads will have a solo. Leads must be 13 or older. Looking for 4 males and 4 females. Prepare any Disney or recent pop song to sing without a backtrack or any accompaniment

ENSEMBLE: Need a group of enthusiastic performers, of all ages, who enjoy being on stage and are keen to show off their creativity. If anyone auditioning has a hidden talent, please share it with us.

Audition date: 26 March 2017
Time: Ensemble to arrive at 12:00
Leads arrive from 13:30

Registration will take place on arrival, no pre-booking necessary.
Everyone will be taught a short, simple dance piece on the day, so dress comfortably.

For more information call Bryoni on 074 423 8935


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